Working at Belle Plagne Sports

You love the atmosphere of ski resorts? Do you regularly practice winter sports?
Do you dream of having the snow-covered mountains as your only daily working environment?

Our values

Quality of life

Good balance between work and personal life, allowing for moments of escape during the day and week, for example to practice sports (2 days off in a row).

Good seasonal living conditions: individual housing, provision of a washing machine, rental equipment, two company shuttles for transportation in the morning and evening.


Teamwork, organization, exchange, communication, a regular exchange meeting (weekly with the store managers, monthly with the whole team: what goes and what doesn't...), setting up a Whatsapp team

Pleasure and respect

Having fun at work, curiosity, open-mindedness, passion, blossoming at work, arriving with a smile in the morning!

Be welcoming, caring and open-minded towards the team and customers.

A committed family business

Listening and available at all times in case of concerns.

It is important for us to give meaning to our activity by being a partner of the Gustave Roussy Institute for breast cancer research: rounding up for solidarity at the cash desk, donation of clothes for the creation of a winter corner in the Printemps store in Paris for solidarity shopping, organization of the Odyssea race in La Plagne, sale of pink snowshoes for research....

Positions to be filled